Welcome to the dental laboratory
Art Dental Lab.

Our laboratory was founded in 1978 by Michalis Kalogridis.

Today, Kalogridis Antonis, a second generation dental technician, continues its operation.

Our laboratory is one of the first in preferences in domestic dental clinics, as well as in clinics of large European dental centers.

It has the most modern technical and mechanical equipment that a laboratory can have in the world firm nowadays, in order to create the most complete and at the highest level prosthetic works.

We also work exclusively with dentists and dental clinics from all over Greece and from all over Europe, operating 12 months a year, and all work is created in our premises, having all the means and experienced dental technicians, in order to reach to the clinics in the quality and in the time period that is imposed in our times.

Get our services by increasing your benefits to your patients.

Services to the dental clinic

Our laboratory is constantly upgraded and has in its possession equipment in order to make the collaborating dental clinics more competitive, providing the following:

Intraoral scanners, two of the leading companies with which our partner can travel to your clinic, in order to capture or be trained on digital imaging.

Providing 3D digital FACE SCANNER in your space.

Digital convergence adjustment system for prostheses on prepared teeth and implants, as well as in removable prosthetics (at your place).

Osseo-integration measurement system of implants (in your place).

Titanium implant detector for revealing implants with a smaller incision.

Laser device to avoid pain and swelling after surgery (at your place).

Digital CBCT implant placement design and surgical guide printing.

Digital design and printing of mill extension splint.

Our laboratory undertakes to communicate to your patients all the services we provide to you, without any charge.

Receipt and delivery of works from 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday, 12 months a year, excluding public holidays. For clinics outside Athens, shipments are made with courier companies that have cooperation codes or with KTEL, ship or transport company of your choice.

Corporate cars for the perfect transfer of the systems we provide in the dental clinics.

Dental Equipment

Our laboratory has the most modern equipment and is constantly upgraded according to all the developments in the world dental firm, in order to create our work with the most modern means that exist, having in our possession the following:

State-of-the-art desktop scanners from leading companies.
Complete design programs of the leading companies.
The best implant design program.
Five-axis and four-axis dry cutting, as well as four-axis liquid cutting, in order to separate our cuts, depending on the type of work, for more accurate results.
3D digital printers from the leading companies, in order to separate the types of printing and at the same time to have the maximum speed and accuracy.
Laser chromium cobalt and titanium welds.
Four state-of-the-art porcelain ovens.
Leading company resin polymerization system.
Pressing system for splints.
All modern systems in order to create mobile prostheses.

Human resources

Our company shows great sensitivity in the issue of human resources, as we spend 1/3 of our 24 hours in our workplace. For this reason, there is enough staff, so that within 8 hours they can unfold their best on a daily basis, resulting in keeping the quality of the work we deliver to the clinics constant. Also, for the result of the above, we provide our human resources, free psychological support and other benefits for a more pleasant and creative work environment.

Our laboratory has a production manager, secretariat and organized accounting.

Also, there are three managers in individual departments, in order to have better communication with the dentist and better quality control of our work.

The staff is constantly upgraded according to the needs of the laboratory, so that there is no pressure on both, the creation of the work and the partners that make up our business, in order to have better efficiency.

How It Works

Our laboratory provides you with order forms, so that you can indicate the day, time, date and other details concerning your work. For clinics that have intraoral scanners or we send our own, the above information is listed on the digital order forms of the scanner.

Opening hours are 9.00-17.00 Monday to Friday for our production.
For the secretariat the hours are 9.00-17.00 Monday to Friday, Greek time.
For the accounting office the hours are 9.00-17.00 Monday to Friday.
For receipts-deliveries the hours are 11.00-19.00 Monday to Friday.
For dental clinics outside Athens, we have codes in three courier companies.

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